Monday, June 8, 2015

Annmarie Tavaila: Using blended Learning Tools in Physical Education

The only school subject that can`t benefit from blended learning is physical education.

So we were told, but disagreed and decided to challenge ourselves. During a few months of different experiments with different blended learning tools we learned a lot from our pilot course tutors and were encouraged to give it a further try. The new curriculum for basic education in Finland very strongly supports our efforts to look for different ways for students to evaluate their own physical condition and motivate them to a healthy lifestyle.

The course needs an easy platform and we chose Edmodo. Also GAFE (Google Applications for Education)  gave us some good tools. We also needed some precise tools for sports and chose the Polar GoFit system ( With this system the students can view, analyze and evaluate their individual physical activity. Also,  a tool called SportsTracker can be used for the same purpose.  Students made a self-evaluation of the physical education course using Google forms.  By the end of this semester we feel like From small acorns grow big power.

Wishing everyone a healthy and refreshing summer

Annmarie TavailaP.E. teacherViikki Tecaher Training School, Helsinki

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